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 Posted on May 22nd
age 28

Some time ago, I found some cuckold porn on the computer. My husband denied being into it at first but after many conversations, he told me it's been a fantasy of his for a long time. I honestly didn't know what the word "cuckold" meant until he explained it to me. I must admit I wasn't thrilled when he told me. After many lengthy discussions I've warmed up to the idea. Long story short, my husband's ideal situation is a respectful guy with tendencies towards dominance when it comes to sex. Oddly enough he wants the other guy to have a bigger dick than he has. My husband prefers to watch instead of participate which also confuses me a little. We both agreed it should be someone we don't know in order to cut ties if need be.

Some background on us: we're both in our twenties and have been married for three years. I don't have a very crazy sexual past and neither does he. Neither of us has ever had a threesome before. I consider myself open minded and therefore want to encourage he share his fantasies with me. Over the past year we have been dipping our toes in the cuckold waters. My husband set up a profile on a website when we decided to look for a guy. We've talked to many, and actually met one. The guy was experience with this type of thing which took away from the intimacy for me. It was more like applying for a loan than conversing with a potential sexual partner. He would ask direct questions like: "Is kissing allowed? Is husband bi? Want any humiliation?" I vetoed that guy and I don't think my hubby was very thrilled with my reluctance. He says I can't be so picky.

I'm nervous/excited about the whole thing but I don't want just any guy. Are most single men that are interested in this type of thing like the guy we met? Am I being too picky? Was every cuckold wife this nervous the first time?

Thanks for any help people!

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